Larson Story

Larson is the best solution for servicing your car!

2011 - the opening of Larson. Back then it was a modest workshop at the car market in Rumyantsevo.
2012 - full service, but still in the car market.
2014 - opening of the Larson Kolomenskaya branch.
2016 - the opening of the Car Body Center.
2018 - overhaul of Larson Kolomenskaya facilities and relocation of the service.
2020 - certification under the program "Independent Specialist" Mercedes-Benz.
2021 - the opening of Larson Detailing and the creation of the flagship Larson at Kolomenskaya.

Why Larson?

  • Larson works with original software, which means we can solve any problems, just like any official dealers of the brand.
  • Any spare parts - quickly and with a guarantee. We have excellent logistics and high frequency of deliveries. We work only with official supply channels, protecting our clients from counterfeiting.
  • Larson Car mobile application - here you can calculate the cost of work, sign up for a service, order a call back, chat with the masters or leave a review.
  • Perfect quality control and the best* service! Feedback from our customers is immediately responded to by Larson employees, right down to the CEO.
  • Replacement vehicle - in case of unforeseen situations.

* - rating 4.9 and the sign "Good place" 2018, 2019, 2020 - this is the best result among competitors.

Larson - 10 years on guard of safety and comfort!